daZyne is a full service graphic & web site development company offering all the components to insure a sucessful internet venture.

Web Site Design

  • Validated coding that will be rendered by any browser
  • Logical navigation plan throughout the site
  • Purchase the copyright or license the copyright with a maintenance agreement

Form Design

  • Dialog boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, and pop-up menus to collect and transmit interactive information by eMail.

Logo & Graphic Design

  • Fast loading graphics can create your IMAGE on the internet
  • Mind sticking logos Identify your presence without words
GIF89 Graphic Animation
  • Add sparkle to your site with an animated graphic or multi-message banner

Image Scanning and Correction
  • Scan Black & White or Full Color images in the correct dpi for internet use.
  • Correct the colour, texture, and intensity of your images for real eye appeal.

Web site submission with Search Engines

  • Make sure your web site is seen by submitting registrations with the major Internet search engines