daZyne.com is a web site development company that can bring reliable HTML coding, the elements of quality composition, and the visual impact of great graphics & HTML enhancements, to web sites for small businesses and individuals who would like an affordable presence on the World Wide Web.

Many aspects of consideration go into the process of designing successful web sites including:

  • Reaching your targeted market through valid code, geared to the systems and software requirements of your expected viewer.
  • Developing an environment that is easy to navigate, putting your information instantly in the hands of your net visitor.
  • Planning, creating and/or adjusting graphics. Making them visually appealing, yet small in file size affording a fast download.
  • Creating mind-sticking logos, slogans, service marks and trademarks.
  • Creating a metaphor or theme through graphics, colour schemes and layout.
  • Preparing or adapting text, including links and testing.
  • Maintaining & updating your presence; keeping it fresh and frequently re-visited by information hungry visitors.
  • Creating promotions and features, to set your site apart from the rest; including search engine submission, related links, and additional media advertising.